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Early Mobilization

Fall Prevention

Healthcare Challenge
:Bedrest and Immobility

While early mobility programs are being adopted more frequently, hospital acquired weakness and impaired physical functioning unfortunately still occur as a result of bedrest and immobility.

The Negative Effects of Bedrest and Immobility:

Reduced Physical Function and Suboptimal Long-Term Outcomes*

Hospital-acquired impairment of physical functioning

Increased length of stay (LOS)

Nursing home placement

Decreased mobility and participation in community activities for years

* Hoyer et al., 2016

Bedrest Has Lasting Impact on Functional Strength and Quality of Life**

Each day of ICU bedrest lowers muscle strength 3-11% for months to years

Even a single day of ICU bedrest impacts weakness, physical functioning and quality of life

Although implemented as part of the treatment plan, bedrest and sedation were found to be harmful to long-term patient recovery

1/3 patients studied had muscle weakness at hospital discharge and serial follow-up

** Needham et al., 2014

Our Solution
:Mobility Support

Whether patients are in bed, sitting on the bed, or standing up and exiting the bed, PARAMOUNT BED supports safe and effective mobility and rehabilitation for every stage of recovery.

Early Mobilization

While in bed, PARAMOUNT BED’S KIND PLUS motion powers one button positioning to comfortably sit patients up into cardiac chair position.

Early Mobilization

The Sittan™ table supports patients in a sitting position on the edge of the bed for patients unable to sit upright without assistance.

Early Mobilization

With features like low bed height and Assist Grip, mobility advancement and ongoing rehabilitation can be safely supported for patients in a range of conditions.

Early Mobilization

The Assist Grip, an extra helping hand, provides the patient and caregiver extra support to promote safety and stability when standing, marching in place and transferring to a chair or wheelchair.

Early Mobilization

The easy-to-use PARAMOUNT BED walking aid and IV stand incorporate lightweight, ergonomic designs to help patients ambulate early and often.

Optimization of patient care delivery and outcomes