Advanced Medical Surgical Bed

Another Helping Hand in Early Mobilization Support

Today's healthcare environment is under intense pressure to reduce patient complications while staff are often stretched in multiple directions. With this in mind, we saught to create a bed with robust features to support positive patient outcomes while adding efficiencies to the caregiver workflow. Alius, by meaning, is another. Let ALiUS bed be an extra helping hand to your patients and staff today, tomorrow and beyond.


Early Patient Mobilization

Early patient mobilization is supported by ALiUS bed while the patient is both in the bed and during egress. ALiUS bed's one button cardiac chair position, back raise up to 70 and +15 reverse Trendelenburg allow early movement within the bed in even the most critical patients to support improved lung expansion, gas exchange and secretion clearance. Such mobility can also promote improved hemodynamic tolerance of activity and improved patient psyche.

Early Patient Mobilization

Assist Grip and Support Equipment

Assist Grip, truly another helping hand, provides added stability, support and comfort to the patient when mobilizatiing out of the bed. Extending 14.8 inches from the bed, the Assist Grip facilitates a secure, stable, wide-based stance when egressing from the bed and provides supplemental assistance when transferring to a chair or wheelchair.

Paramount Bed’s mobility support equipment, such as the Sittan™ table, walking aid and IV stand, can be used with the ALiUS bed to enhance early patient mobilization.

Assist Grip and Support Equipment

Low Bed Height

With a low bed height of 11.8 inches*, ALiUS bed allows patients of varying heights to place their feet securely on the floor when sitting on the edge of the bed and exiting the bed. This stable position reduces the risk of falls as well as provides a strong base when standing. The low bed height can reduce the potential risk of patient falls by reducing the distance and impact of falls for some patients.
*Height for non-DS model.

Low Bed Height


The 4-mode BED EXIT ALARM (BEA) can be set to alert staff of high risk patient movements for patients at risk for falls. Depending on the patient's fall risk assessment, the caregiver selects from the following settings: Sit-up, Edge of Bed, Left Bed and Monitoring. The Monitoring setting, a unique feature of Paramount Bed's BEA, allows a patient who may be able to get out of bed on his/her own for short amounts of time, but still needs observation more often than not, to be out of bed for a set time limit. If the patient fails to return to bed within the set time interval, the BEA alerts the caregiver the patient did not return to bed within the predetermined time limit (1-30 minutes).


Pressure Injury Risk Reduction

ALiUS bed incorporates specialized KIND PLUS motion and Smart Raise technology into the frame movements to help reduce shearing and migration commonly associated with patient repositioning. Utilizing ALiUS bed with a high quality prevention or treatment surface, you'll optimize pressure injury risk reduction and pressure injury treatment for your patients.

Pressure Injury Risk Reduction

BED Navi

ALiUS beds are equipped with BED Navi touch screen controls. Depending on the model, one BED Navi or two DS BED Navis are standard. An optional BED Navi is also available for use at the foot end of ALiUS DS beds. The BED Navi puts position controls (HOB angle, Knee angle, height of bed and Tren/Reverse tren angle) at the caregiver's fingertip, in addition to the DS BED Navi's real-time bed position status and, if equipped, BED EXIT ALARM and digital scale controls.

BED Navi

Improved Caregiver Workflow

To improve caregiver workflow, key ALiUS bed features include a low height indicator, Release Guard, side-rail line management channels, electric CPR operation, digital scale, X-ray cassette tray, angle indicators, 2-level night-light, numerous drainage bag holders and a built-in USB charging port. Additionally, ALiUS bed has a built-in pause feature and an audible caution tone that sounds as the bed gets closer to the floor to caution the caregiver drainage bags may touch due to the low bed height.

Improved Caregiver Workflow

Infection Control

Comprised of lightweight resin, the ALiUS bed mattress deck panels are designed to be easily removed* and wiped down. The headboard, footboard and side-rails have smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.
*Excluding the built-in head section with the X-ray cassette tray.

Infection Control




Head Angle (degrees)

0 to 70

Knee Angle (degrees)

0 to 25

Trendelenburg / Reverse
Trendelenburg (degrees)

-15 to 15


Total Length (inches/cm)

90.5/230 *1

Total Width (inches/cm)

41/104.2 *2

Total Height (inches)

27.6 to 44.5 *3
28.5 to 45.4 *4
29.5 to 46.4 *5

Total Height (cm)

70 to 113 *3
72.5 to 115.5 *4
75 to 118 *5

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (lb)


Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 When extended, *2 When the side-rails are stored, *3 KA-H713, *4 KA-H733/753/755, *5 KA-H732/752