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KA-390 Series Walking Aid


The Best Partner for Assisted Mobility and Rehabilitation

The KA-390 series walking aid supports early mobilization for patients unable to walk independently during acute recovery and patients in long-term rehabilitation. Of benefit, the Paramount Bed upright walking aid reduces the tendancy patients have to slouch forward with traditional walkers. The walking aid also eliminates pressure transferred to the chest, forearms, wrists and hands which is especially important for both patients recovering from cardiothoracic surgery and patients with significant upper extremety arthritis, orthopedic injuries, etc. By supporting the patient's arms and elbows in an upright posture, the pressure is relayed primarily to the elbows and shoulders as the patient helps supports his/her weight through the legs.


Easy to Adjust

The walking aid's height is easily adjusted by squeezing the height adjustment lever. The walking aid height ranges 38-48 inches/96-121 centimeters to help accommodate patients of shorter to taller statures (approximately 4’10-6’4”).

Easy to Adjust

Comfortable, Ergonomic Support

The curved elbow-rests with padded cushions optimize patient comfort by reducing pressure on the elbows while supporting the patient’s arms. The ergonomic design provides multiple options for the patient's grip hold and arm support.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Support

Built-in Brakes

The walking aid, model KA-392U, is equipped with two sets of brakes: the regular brakes and the parking brakes. Easy to use, the brakes are engaged by either gripping the regular brake levers or rotating the parking brake controls. When not in use, the parking brake can be set to prevent unintended movement.

Built-in Brakes

Stackable Storage

When not in use, walking aids may be stacked for storage to save space.

Stackable Storage



Total Length (inches/cm)

30.9/78.5 *1
29.6/75.2 *2

Total Width (inches/cm)

26.0/66.0 *1 *2

Total Height (inches)

38.0 to 48.0 *1 *2

Total Height (cm)

96.6 to 121.8 *1 *2

*1 KA-391U, *2 KA-392U