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PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible


Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment, With or Without Power

PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible is an air therapy surface that offers flexibility and ease of use in non-powered and powered modes for both pressure injury prevention and treatment.


A Remarkable Combination of Features

The PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible surface combines the Geo-Matt® segmented top surface, Safety Edge™ Bolster Design, Heel Slope®, Shear Transfer Zones® and LifeSPAN® Fortified Healthcare Fabric. Together, these features deliver an unmatched combination of safety, shear reduction and pressure management, fall and entrapment prevention, comfort, stability, ease-of-use and maintenance-free reliability.

A Remarkable Combination of Features

Performance—With or Without Power!

Enjoy unmatched flexibility to meet varying patient needs. In the non-powered mode, help prevent pressure injuries in high risk patients. In the powered mode, treat patients with stage I-IV pressure injuries who cannot or will not be repositioned frequently and those who can be positioned off the pressure injury in at least 2 positions.¹ The PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible surface has a weight capacity of 500 pounds when used in non-powered mode and 400 pounds in powered mode.

Performance—With or Without Power!

Selectable Modalities and Ease of Use

The Span-Care® Convertible air therapy surface is engineered to empower busy caregivers with an ideal blend of high-end performance and ease of use. Its self-adjusting system of synchronized air cylinders and pressure relief valves provide the correct level of immersion and envelopment for any user. While in powered mode with the easy-to-connect control unit, caregivers can select either alternating pressure or powered flotation with softer to firmer settings depending on the patient needs.

Selectable Modalities and Ease of Use

¹ In situations where positioning on the pressure injury cannot be avoided (e.g., the individual has multiple pressure injuries on multiple surfaces), limit the amount of time the individual is positioned on the injury. Source: NPAUP/EPUAP Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment, Clinical Practice Guideline, p 66-67



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