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Geo-Mattress® Max®


Enhanced Patient Safety by Design

Geo-Mattress® Max® is prevention, safety and smart design all in one. A premium therapeutic surface, Geo-Mattress® Max® is made from high density foam and has a three-tier, zoned design which is key to its high-end protection. The extra soft, high performing topper provides patients supreme levels of immersion and first-rate comfort. Geo-Mattress® Max® offers prevention of pressure injuries to general patient populations including patients up to 400 pounds who are moderate to high risk for skin breakdown, have decreased mobility and can be repositioned frequently by themselves or a caregiver.


Skin Shear and Pressure Injury Protection

The clinically proven Geo-Matt® surface uses over 800 individually responsive cells to allow the surface to move with the patient during repositioning, reducing skin shear. The exclusive Ring-of-Air® channels support microclimate management by wicking heat and moisture away from the patient to further combat key pressuring injury risk factors.

Skin Shear and Pressure Injury Protection

Heel Protection

Heel pressure injuries account for nearly a third of all pressure injuries.¹ To protect this vulnerable anatomy, Geo-Mattress® Max® combines two distinct features: Heel Slope® and viscoelastic “memory foam." The Geo-Mattress® Max® exclusive Heel Slope® subtly tapers to redistribute weight from the heels to the more pressure-tolerant lower legs while continuing to provide complete foot support. Its viscoelastic “memory foam” in the foot section cradles and protects the heels.

Heel Protection

Safer Patient Transfers and Mobility Support

Geo-Mattress® Max’s firm perimeter bolsters enhance patient safety by eliminating dangerous side-rail gaps. The bolster's added edge-of-bed stability also facilitates safer early mobility as patients sit and transfer out of the bed.

Safer Patient Transfers and Mobility Support

Cross Contamination Reduction

Geo-Mattress® Max’s robust infection prevention features include a bacteriostatically treated, antimicrobial cover with moisture vapor barrier. The flapless, hidden zipper cover design also eliminates collection points for contaminants.

Cross Contamination Reduction

¹ Blaszczyk J. Make a Difference: Standardize Your Heel Care Practice. Ostomy/Wound Management. 1998;44(5):32-40.



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