A6 Series

Medical Surgical Bed

Exceeding Expectations in Patient Care

Paramount Bed’s market-leading products leverage 70+ years of experience and extensive caregiver input to provide healthcare solutions to customers all over the world including the United States of America, our latest area of market expansion. We offer intelligently designed, highly functional beds, including the fully featured A6 Series Medical Surgical Bed, that promote patient safety and improved outcomes. A robust tool for your team, the A6 bed is sleek, stylish and simple to use yet supportive of safe patient care for your patients and staff in today's complex healthcare environment.


Low Height Bed

With a low bed height as low as 13.8 inches*, the A6 bed is among the leaders in low-height medical surgical beds. The low height provides safety for your patients when entering and exiting the bed. The A6 height range is optimal for advancing patient mobility safely while allowing for safe ergonomic heights for your staff too. Benefits of the low bed height include secure foot placement on the floor and the facilitation of early patient mobilization for patients of varying heights.
*Depending on bed model."

Low Height Bed


The A6 bed can be equipped with Paramount Bed's 4-mode BED EXIT ALARM (BEA). The BEA can be set to alert staff of high risk patient movements for patients at risk for falls. The caregiver selects from the following settings depending on the patient's fall risk assessment: Sit-up, Edge of Bed, Left Bed and Monitoring. Unique to Paramount Bed, the Monitoring setting allows a patient who may be able to get out of bed on his/her own, yet still needs some observation for longer periods of activity, to be out of bed for a set time limit while alerting the caregiver if the patient does not return to bed within the predetermined limit (1-30 minutes).


Pressure Injury Risk Reduction

Smart Raise technology and one-button head up/knee up are built into the A6 bed frame movements to help reduce shearing and migration which frequently occur during patient repositioning. Not only will reduced migration lead to less caregiver effort for patient repositioning, the Smart Raise technology, combined with a high quality prevention or treatment surface, will enhance pressure injury risk reduction or pressure injury treatment for patients while helping reduce occupational injury risks for your staff.

Pressure Injury Risk Reduction

Early Patient Mobilization

Your team can implement early patient mobilization in the A6 bed by adjusting the patient position using the back raise up to 70° and +15° reverse Trendelenburg to start increasing movement even in the earliest phase of bedrest. As able, the patient can be mobilized into more of an upright position using the one-button cardiac chair position. Not only will these in-bed changes of position help patients adapt hemodynamic tolerance to increased activity, these position changes can support improved lung expansion, gas exchange and secretion clearance in addition to improved patient psyche.

Early Patient Mobilization

Flexi Grip

Paramount Bed's ergonomically designed side-rail handle, Flexi Grip, can be used to involve the patient in repositioning, to leverage his/her strength when boosting up in bed and to reduce the rail reaching distance during turns. The patient can also use the Flexi Grip during bed exit and early mobilization. The design prevents wrist-rail interference when the patient holds onto it during bed exit and gives a stable hold close to the body while egressing.

Flexi Grip

BED Navi

Each A6 bed is equipped standard with one integrated touch screen BED Navi for use at the foot end of the bed. The BED Navi puts position controls (HOB angle, Knee angle, height of bed and Tren/Reverse tren angle) at the caregiver's fingertip. Additionally, the BED Navi provides real-time bed position status and, if equipped, BED EXIT ALARM and digital scale controls.

BED Navi

Infection Control

With infection control and ease of cleaning and disinfection in mind, the panels of the mattress deck are designed to be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection. The mattress deck panels are removed by simply lifting upright. No special tools or removal of bolts is required. For A6 beds with the X-ray cassette tray, however, the built-in radiographic deck is not removable.

Infection Control




Head Angle (degrees)

0 to 70

Knee Angle (degrees)

0 to 25

Trendelenburg / Reverse
Trendelenburg (degrees)

-15 to 15


Total Length (inches/cm)


Total Width (inches/cm)


Total Height (inches)

31.7 to 49.4 *1
29.7 to 47.4 *2

Total Height (cm)

80 to 125.5 *1
75.5 to 120.5 *2

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (lb)


Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 PA-6438, *2 PA-6338/6238