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KF-19 Series Overbed Table S


A New Concept Table Focused on Patient Safety, Ease of Operability and Satisfaction


Auto-brake for Safety

Paramount Bed’s KF-19 Series* overbed tables are equipped with auto-brake for safe, secure positioning and prevention of unintentional table movement. This unique technology was invented to help reduce the risk of patient falls, especially for elderly and impaired patients.

Auto-brake for Safety

Brake Release

Lifting the brake release lever disengages the auto-brake and allows movement of the table. When desired, auto-brake can be turned OFF by moving the auto-brake switch to the Off position. With the auto-brake OFF, the table will move freely.

Brake Release

Low Profile, H-shaped Base

The KF-19 Series overbed tables are designed with a low profile of 1.9” and an H-shaped base. This design promotes ease of use with various beds by reducing potential interference with sub-frame architecture and drive/steering systems.

Low Profile, H-shaped Base

* Models KF-1924E and KF-1924F feature auto-brake.

** Use of Paramount Bed overbed tables with auto-brake does not guarantee prevention of patient falls or injury.



Total Width (inches/cm)

37.2/94.6 *1 *2
35.7/90.7 *3

Total Depth (inches/cm)

20.8/52.8 *1 *2
17.5/44.5 *3

Total Height (inches)

30.2 to 45.3 *1
24.8 to 37.2 *2
29.3 to 44.5 *3

Total Height (cm)

76.6 to 115.1 *1
63.1 to 94.6 *2
74.5 to 113.0 *3

*1 KF-1924E, *2 KF-1924F, *3 KF-1920E